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Trust Me, I’m Dead will be published in June 2019 by Verve Books.

Cover coming soon!

Dying to Tell Me

Sasha doesn’t really mind moving. It’s not like there was any reason to stay in her old life, after all the trouble. But Manna Creek is strange. And when after a pretty nasty fall, she starts hearing and seeing things that haven’t happened yet, or happened a very long time ago, it gets even stranger.

When Sasha ‘sees’ the fire at the house owned by the old woman up on the hill, but can’t save her in time, she’s wracked with guilt and determined to find the murderer herself. And maybe King, their new retired police dog, can help solve the mysteries. He thinks he can. He told Sasha he could. And she heard him …

An exciting, spooky crime novel for middle grade readers.

Dying to Tell Me book cover

Bone Song

Melissa and Dobie can’t believe they’re in detention together. They hate each other, and couldn’t be more different! Rebellious Dobie despises her wealthy background and has just lost the chance to be a professional dancer. Melissa is smart, sensible, and always doing her best to compensate for a life on the run with her alcoholic mother. Yet in between the anger and disappointment there’s common ground. Once, they both had dreams – what went wrong? They forge an unlikely friendship that gives both of them the strength not to give up on their dreams. But circumstance, and the past, conspire to challenge their resolve. Can they survive being hunted down?

For young adult readers – published by Ransom UK

bone song cover